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hair salon

Whether it’s a wedding , a special event or just any day you deserve to look the best you possibly can. You have god gifted beauty but what’s the point if you don’t flaunt it.  Your hair is the thing people notice first, it describes your personality, a bad hair day is all it takes to ruin the whole day. Let you and your hair the best look to maximize your gifted beauty.


NO matter who you are, no matter what state you live in, you have the potential to look your best and feel your best. All we do is realize the potential and make you more stunning than ever before so you can take confidence in your own self. If you look your best and feel your best not only will people want to stay around you but you will be happy with yourself as well.


When you look good, you feel more empowered , you feel more confident, you face the world straight up and don’t doubt yourself. By looking good you become the best version of yourself and become ready to face whatever comes your way. We are here to make that happen, making you even more empowering and confident.

About Our Establishment

At Vanity Hair Salon a team of qualified, caring, and dedicated professionals with only one mission … To use our craft to exceed YOUR expectations!

As seasons change we expect a change in the industry standard for styles, techniques, tools and products. That’s why we at Vanity Hair Salon ignore the standard and are ALWAYS striving to give you a finished product that YOU love and can believe in! Through photo or imagination we want to make your dream a reality while still keeping the natural beauty a client’s hair has to offer!

Anything from cut, color, wedding updo, makeup or manicures/pedicures, We’ve got you covered!

About Alexis Glosek

I have been educated Stylist for five years. Ever since I can remember I have dreamed of doing hair, nails, and makeup. Learning new techniques is one thing I do daily. The beauty industry is extremely fun for me, I can create a new style and design with each and every client. I value each guest that walks in the door, and can’t wait to see everyone return for future visits!

Alexis Glosek


What We Do

We not choose us? We are constantly pushing industry standards incorporating new techniques and styles in to our operations. We push the boundaries of the industry and delver consistently high quality, to enhance your beauty to the point of it being called art.


We have some of the most well trained and professional people that have been in the industry for almost a quarter of their lives. We have a impeccable location that’s convenient and beautiful. But above all we are driven by our determination and passion to make you look, feel and be the best you possibly can.


Vanity Hair Salon uses high-end beauty formulas and methods to help you look your best.

Hair Salon Landisville Pa

While being educated on 12 different haircuts, from the primary four that stylists learn. We have a variety of options to offer.

Hair Salon Landisville Pa
Formal Updo

Wedding, Prom and formal Updo’d are something we specialize in. We strive to keep up with all the styles and trends for all of our clients.

Hair Color

With a wide variety of color options and techniques we can make your dream become a reality while concentrates on the health of your hair, thanks to OLAPLEX!

What our clients say!